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About the FCE Course

Cambridge B2 First Prep Course

Studying for a Cambridge exam can provide you with development in all the areas of language: writing, reading, listening, speaking, vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation.
B2 First, formerly known as Cambridge English: First (FCE), is one of the Cambridge English Qualifications. It is their most popular exam, accepted by thousands of businesses and educational institutions worldwide.

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A teacher who holds an international certificate that endorses their knowledge and ability in the language has much higher chances of being promoted or having better job offers.
Preparing for B2 First leads to more confidence and efficiency when performing in English. Therefore, the candidate feels respected and admired by their peers and students.
B2 First is an initial step towards more advanced examinations such as C1 Advanced and C2 Proficiency. It is a boosting element that allows teachers to aim higher and achieve increasing levels of proficiency in the language.

Reading and Use of English
(1 hour 15 minutes)
7 parts/52 questionsShows you can deal confidently with different types of text, such as fiction, newspapers and magazines. Tests your use of English with tasks that show how well you can control your grammar and vocabulary.
(1 hour 20 minutes)
2 partsRequires you to be able to produce two different pieces of writing, such as letters, reports, reviews and essays.
(about 40 minutes)
4 parts/30 questionsRequires you to be able to follow and understand a range of spoken materials, such as news programmes, presentations and everyday conversations.
(14 minutes per pair of candidates)
4 partsTests your ability to communicate effectively in face to face situations. You will take the Speaking test with one or two other candidates.

Who is this Course For?

  • Students at B1 level (CEFR).
  • Anyone interested in improving their language awareness and skills.
  • Those who are searching for an international qualification that certifies their level of English.
  • Anyone wishing to have better job opportunities


Course Timetable

40 hours via Zoom (live)(live)

Group 1 - B2 First I - For candidates who want to prepare for the exam in one year and sit the test in July 2023:
Mondays – from 6:30 – 8:00 (pm).

Group 2:
B2 First II – For candidates who want to sit the test in December 2022.
Wednesdays – from 6:30 – 8:30 (pm).

Course material

Gold First Cb With Online Audio - 2nd Bell, Jan - Pearson. (9781447907145).

Disal: R$ 206,00

Gold First Exam Maximiser (with Key) And Audio Cd Newbrook, Jacky - Pearson (9781408297902).

Disal: R$ 161,00



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